Project Summary

Breakthrough LNG deployment in Inland Waterway Transport will create a critical mass in LNG supply through facilitating LNG bunkering stations for IWT while at the same time creating demand by equipping 6 vessels with LNG engines. This will be a crucial step to ensure a breakthrough will take place in the market.


LNG is considered the most interesting alternative clean fuel for the IWT sector. The project aims to facilitate the uptake of LNG at various levels, for instance by accelerating the development of an adequate bunkering infrastructure.


In order to force the breakthrough in the LNG market for IWT, standardisation of equipment as well as type approval of the most common components and configurations are key success factors. Within the scope of the project 6 vessels representative of the fleet will be equipped with LNG engines.

Social impact

Transition towards LNG can have a significant impact on environmental performance. Based on average operational profiles, savings could be realized up to 70% on NOx and 95% on PM compared to CCNR-2, and 10% on CO2 equivalent compared to diesel fuel.



Members of the consortium are well familiar within the LNG industry: Kooiman Marine Group, Pon Power, Koedood, Dolderman, PitPoint, Cryonorm, Wärtsilä, Argonon Shipping, Van Oord, Somtrans and EICB.

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