What is LNG?

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is natural gas in a liquid form. The gas becomes liquid by cooling it down to approximately -162°C. By doing this the volume of the gas shrinks 600 times, making it easier to store and transport.

What are the advantages of sailing on LNG?

Sailing on LNG as compared to diesel reduces air pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions, noise emissions and the operational costs. Reduction of the operational costs leads in some cases also to a positive business case.

How much cleaner is an inland ship that sails on LNG in comparison to diesel?

GHG emissions

  • Greenhouse gas reduction: up to 10% 

Air pollutant emissions (NOx, PM)

  • NOx reduction: at least 70%
  • PM reduction: up to 95%

What costs a retrofit to LNG?

The investment size highly depends on the type of ship, but approximately lies around € 1,2 mln.

What does it cost to bunker LNG?

In contrast to diesel, the quantity of LNG is being expressed in kilograms and not in liters. An indicative price estimate for a ton of LNG is €400.

Where can I bunker LNG?

It is for inland vessels possible to bunker in three ways: 

  • Truck-to-ship 
  • Station-to-ship
  • Ship-to-ship

The webpage for bunkering locations provides more information about the bunkering options at specific locations. 

What is my range when I sail on LNG?

The range depends on the capacity of the fuel storage tank. For example, the ship Eiger-Nordwand has a fuel storage tank on board with a capacity of 60m3. With this capacity on board it is possible for the Eiger-Nordwand to sail from Rotterdam to Basel and back without any refuelling.

When does it pay off to switch over to LNG?

LNG becomes an interesting economic alternative to diesel, when the yearly fuel consumption of the ship is approximately at least 500m3.

Is LNG dangerous?

LNG is non-toxic, non-corrosive and due to its extreme low temperature also non-flammable. However, it does become flammable after vaporization into a gaseous state.

Can I receive subsidy for my ship to sail on LNG?

It is possible to apply for a subsidy for a retrofit to LNG. Please contact us for more information.