This project has resulted in four video modules that together form the e-learning for the inland shipping company. Thanks to these modules, inland shipping companies get practical insights in an easily accessible manner. The modules address four topics:

  • LNG shipbuilding
  • LNG technique
  • LNG bunkering
  • LNG on board

The first module will give the shipowner an impression of the works a wharf will perform in case of a newbuilding or retrofit. The second module will help the audience to understand more about the LNG technique itself. The third module will include a bunkering operation and clarify the corresponding processes for an bunkering operation. The fourth module will provide an overview of the LNG configuration on board of the vessel and how the system works.

Module 1. LNG shipbuilding

Module 2. LNG technique

Module 3. LNG bunkering

Module 4. LNG on board