New retrofit technique successful in operation on board of the Argonon

The innovative LNG retrofit kit of ArenaRed is successful in operation on board of the Argonon, the third pilot vessel, for some time now. As studied during the pilot test and presented in the pilot test report, the Argonon performs considerably better in terms of emissions thanks to the retrofit package.

At the heart of the retrofit kit is an advanced engine control unit that uses sensors to measure combustion pressure and regulate combustion (Combustion Pressure Based Control, or CPBC). This makes it possible to implement a so-called Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition (RCCI). RCCI regulates the timing for different fuels with different reactivities. In this way an ideal compression ignition in the combustion engine is realised. Thanks to this retrofit kit, the engine has not only become much cleaner, but also more economical.

Lloyd’s Register is currently working on the certification that will lead to the type approval of the retrofitted engine named DoCat 3512 AR.

Sensors in the combustion chamber
Engine Control Unit (ECU)
Overall view of retrofitted engine in engine room

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